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Welcome to Voices Of Cybertron!

Voices Of Cybertron, or VOC, began in 2000 as a fan publication focusing on G1 Transformers. Its purpose was to give fans real information behind the toys and cartoons, as well as a few thought-provoking contributions from the fandom. Since then, VOC has evolved and expanded, and we're glad that you can join us--so transform, and read on!

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The Official VOC review of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.


G1 Resources and Articles
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Cool Voice Actor Links:

A Whole Lotta Latta -
All About Chris Latta

The Making of
A Simple Choice

Meet the Voices Of Cybertron

Tutami's Plush TF Page


Gregg Berger on Myspace

Wally Burr 's Homepage

David Kaye 's Official Page

IMDb - The Internet Movie

Sites by Doreen - has
pages for Frank Welker,
Charles Adler and more!


Movie Reviews and Articles:

"Transformers" (2007)

"Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen"

Megatron Speaks! A call-to-arms in support of the G1 voice actors for the new films.

Starscream's Two Cents --A pitch for more of our favorite G1 voice alums.

Check out G1 Megatron's Special Christmas Message on Youtube:

More Cool Links:

Transformers: Toon Heritage (Yahoo Group)

Beast Wars International

Renegade Fanfiction Archive

Transformers Webring





Special thanks to all our visitors! Voices of Cybertron has been online for a decade now, and we've had some tremendous supporters who've kept visiting this site across two host moves and as many hit counters. It's those early supporters who deserves our biggest kudos. Here's to the fans--Till All Are One!

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