The Making of "A Simple Choice"

Issue Four hasn't been released yet, but that's because it's very special: a full-color graphic novel that will be printed like a real comic book. (For those of you who are anime fans, it's basically going to be like a doujinshi on crack.) This page will give you a peek of the process of putting this ambitious project together.

Say hello to Cyclonus, here in all his inked-in glory. You can tell this is a preliminary shot, with no color, backgrounds or any of that other garbage. Now imagine doing at least one of these drawings for every frame of every page of 33-page comic--plus a few backgrounds and several redos! Let's just say that enjoying drawing Transformers is a prerequisite to the task...

Recognize this very miffed-looking face? (You may also notice this shot has been left uncropped, so you can see the rough frame outlines and notations at bottom.) Maybe a little color will help:

It's Starscream--that is, Starscream in his pyramid-fighter form, hence the lack of air intakes and the visible edges of a much more angular cockpit. His design in A Simple Choice is based off concepts I drew back in 1997 and 1999, long before the comic miniseries The War Within came about. To be honest, we haven't even read it yet. It's because we're too busy working on this project. Yeah. That's it...

If you happened to get the opportunity to read My Brother's Keeper, a short story that ran in VOC issue 2, this is how Starscream would have looked there as well. Obviously this sequence is part of a flashback; as for its significance, well, you'll just have to wait until we can complete A Simple Choice and get it printed! We don't know when that will be just yet, but when the graphic novel finally is finished this will be the first place to announce it!


In the meantime, we do have two finished frames we can show off--minus speech bubbles, of course. Megatron and Soundwave became a very popular print--if you bought one of the fifty we made, count yourself one lucky TF art collector! On the right are Tutami, who'll make her official debut in A Simple Choice, and Dredclaw, an original Sweep who also lurks on the Web. (Seriously...check his DA page.) Speaking of DeviantArt, you can view and comment on these images, both Megatron and Soundwave and Dredclaw and Tutami, on DA. Check it out and give us your feedback!

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