Meet the Original Voices of Cybertron

We wouldn't have our favorite Robots in Disguise if it weren't for all the talented voice actors and directors who helped bring them to life. Since the late 90's, these Transformers alumni, from G1 through the current series, have finally begun to receive the recognition they deserve. Below are just a few of the delightful folks who form part of the Cybertronian "family".

One of the first voice artists to meet the fandom, at BotCon '97, was none other than Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime himself; seen at left sitting with VOC editors Daryn Broussard and Sharon "Tut" LaBorde; at center, lending his trademark cowboy hat to Daryn for a moment at BotCon '04; and at right, standing with fellow TF alumni Mike McConnohie, the voice of Tracks and Cosmos, and Wally Burr, the voice director for the entire G1 series and a guest voice for Kremzeek.

Watch Peter Cullen at the opening of his panel at BotCon '04:



At left is John Moschitta, the world's fastest talker and voice of the fastest Autobot, Blurr, speaking at BotCon 2000. At center is Gregg Berger, voice of Grimlock and Skyfire, posing with the VOC editors in September 2010. We earned Grimlock a free pizza, woohoo!

(More images of G1 guests coming soon!)

Since the 90's, several Transformers series have been recorded in Vancouver, Canada. Our first two Canadian guests, at left, are Kirby Morrow (Rad in Armada) and Scott McNeil (practically half of Beast Wars...!) , who in 2001 had much shorter hair! His new 'look', seen at center, has become a staple at anime conventions, such as Mechacon in '06. Also that year at Mechacon was Garry Chalk, the 'other voice' of Optimus Prime, posing at right.
Here's a few more folks from Beast Wars. Starting from the left is Jim Byrnes, the voice of Inferno (Gundam Wing fans might also recognize him as the voice of Duke Dermail) posing with Matt Kirkby, contributing photographer for VOC. At center is the lovely Venus Terzo, and at right Alec Willows peeks into the frame alongside a poster of his character, Tarantulas.

Last, but certainly never least, are the Transformers alumni who have since passed on. Most recently that would include Aaron Kincaid, the voice of Sky Lynx in G1, who passed away on January 6, 2011. Below is a cast shot for Batman: The Animated Series featuring Mr. Kincaid, who played Killer Croc. (You might also recognize another famous actor standing next to him!) The picture appeared in Cinefantastique magazine in 2003.


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