Megatron Speaks...
(about the upcoming live-action Transformers movie)

You know, as leader of the Decepticons, there are a few things I despise. The Autobots are one; Starscream's sniveling is another. I also hate being off the air. But more than that, I cannot stand being just another 'product'. Case in point, this new movie in the works. You know which one I mean: the one that the producers want to cast 'real' actors for. Spare me!

Now, I know some very well-intentioned fans have already started a petition to get the remaining members of the original cast to reprise our roles. It's a good start. But remember, you can't take over the universe with just a 'good start'--otherwise Starscream would have my job by now!

Petitions need outrage! Anger! Disgust! "Damned if I'll come see the movie you're obviously screwing up!!" You fans have to come off as really pissed off!! Remember, these guys who have to be influenced have nothing but contempt for the average fan. Appeals to them to use the original voice cast shouldn't be polite or caring. They should be heated, angry: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to sit on my butt while you guys ruin what could be a great film, a meaningful film to millions of Transformers fans and friends of friends of friends of Transformers fans, all over the world!"

"But Megatron, they already said at Comic-con that George Clooney would be Optimus Prime! What can we do about it?"

Bah! Spare me the excuses!

I lead the Decepticons and carry a fusion cannon, my power is obvious. But you, the fans, have even more power than I. It just isn't as obvious until you SPEAK UP! Express your intense indignation in words and actions! In rallies! In demonstrations! In protests!

Remember. The final voices--the ones that will in all likelihood actually end up in the finished film--can be one of the last things done on the picture. It will be really easy to dub the Transformer's voices near the end of production. It's not necessary for them to finalize the voice cast anytime real soon. In fact, I'd bet they're listening even now to how the wind's blowing. So if you get the drums beating, and keep 'em beating for the original voice cast, there's time to "convince" the Murphys and DeSantos, and Bays and pompous di Bonaventuras, and the Spielbergs that they'd better not screw around with the TF's voices!

Let me give you a short lesson in film history. In 1999 there was a little sci-fi cult film called Wing Commander that was released amid much anticipation from the fans of the books and interactive video game series. Sounds like a familiar scenario, doesn't it?

Well, the producers of that movie obviously didn't care about the fans either. Instead of casting Mark Hamill as the main character, just as he'd been in the movie portions of the game and thus defined who Col. Christopher Blair was, they cast Freddie Prinze, Jr. And do you know what happened to the film as a result?

IT BOMBED! Fans were outraged that the true owner of that role, the actor who knew the character best, was cast aside for someone more 'popular'! More 'current'! Someone that not a soul between 7 and 17 had ever heard of, and one no one from 17 to 37 could really care less about! Imagine what might have happened if the Wing Commander fans had raised the same stir BEFORE the movie went into full production! This is the same message you fans of the G1 Transformers need to get across: "Have you guys any idea of how many million TF fans there are out there who will be absolutely enraged if you willy nilly, start casting new voices from the ranks of presumably 'better actors'?!"

So what are you waiting for?! This is YOUR chance to get YOUR movie done right! Otherwise, they really could stick Optimus Prime with George Clooney--and if I get stuck with some 'real' actor who can't appreciate my great villainy, I'm coming for YOU....

Just in case you need some coordinates: Sign the original petition. This is Don Murphy's board, and yes, he does read it--so speak your mind! The actual DreamWorks board.

I will have more links as Laserbeak brings them to me, so get going! Megatron out...


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