Starscream's Two Cents (and then some)!

If you've been following the updates on this new Transformers movie at all, then surely you know that Peter Cullen will be reprising his role as Optimus Prime, and my 'fearless leader' Megatron will most likely be played by Frank Welker once again. You Transfans have done a good job making your voices heard--just don't slack off, because I refuse to work with different actors!

Of course, MY screen time is--how shall we say--less than desired... But that's why I'm looking forward to the new video game by Activision that ties in to the movie. And I have a task for all you Transfans out there, whether you're a fan of mine, or just don't know it yet.

That task is to do more of what you've been doing: Protest! Loudly! Write angry emails and irate posts on message boards! Remind Activision that, as with dear Mr. Bay and Mr. Murphy, their project is nothing without your support! "If this video game is supposed to be based on G1 like the movie, then the voice actors and voice director had better be from G1!" Remind them constantly that you'll settle for nothing less!

Notice that I said director as well as actors. Talented as they are, a large part of what shaped the actors' performance was Wally Burr's directing; to put it simply, the actors supplied the energy and Wally channelled it. If we want the new game to sound like G1, then it needs to be directed like G1, and nobody can do that like Wally Burr! And best of all, he's worked on plenty of video games before--Skywarp tells me he just finished one this summer--so he knows what he's doing! It doesn't get any better than that!

Here's one other thing to consider. My G1 voice actor, Chris Latta, is with me now, so someone new will have to do my voice for the video game. But you fans shouldn't be sad, because as long as I have my old boss Wally I'm positive I'll sound just perfect! (And besides, now I get to pester Chris every day, hahahah!) Remember, if you want me to sound like I used to, my director will be just as important as my new actor. And Wally's the only one who knows me as well as Chris did!

And now, to get you started, here's some contact information for Activision: Their "Contact Us" form page. And their snail-mail address...

Activision, Incorporated
3100 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

You have your mission, Transformers fans, so don't delay!


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