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So who is Tutami (pronounced /too-TAH-mee/)?

Well, arguably one of the gosh-darned cutest incarnations of Transformerhood ever. Hand-sewn and detailed in embroidery back in fall of 1999, she loves tagging along for the occasional convention and posing for photographs, but be careful--she's been known to put people to sleep if they get too close.

But most of all, plushies love company! So a few years later, in 2005, Tutami started getting some plush Seeker friends--first (pictured at left), a prototype plushie of Starscream, the Aerospace Commander himself. The next year, at right, came another Starscream and Skywarp.


We're very proud to say the first Starscream plushie went to a young fan with autism who LOVES Starscream. The second one sold to another fan who has lots of Starscream stuff. One of these days we'll have one finished who can stay home!

In any case, a couple of years later came along a new Seeker friend, another original character named Jetstream:


Jetstream seems to get himself into trouble some days. (The photo at right was NOT staged!)

Eventually we'll have another original Seeker, and then some different characters entirely--we have a standing request already for a plush Prowl! Eventually the Plush-formers will have run of the place...!


More on Tutami:
Tutami actually began as an NFC (non-feature character) on Transformers: 2005 MUSH in late 1995, but there she was simply known as Tut. When she made the jump to fanfiction we (being VOC editors Sharon "Tut" LaBorde and Daryn Broussard) gave her a longer name and a different back story. We've been working on a graphic novel of her that will be finished...someday...!



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