Transformers UK Press Promotional
As seen in the press pack released to theatres--author uknown

America's favourite robots transform the big screen in THE TRANSFORMERS - THE MOVIE, an animated feature film filled with characters and nuances that have captured the imaginations and inspired the fantasies of countless children since their introduction in 1984.

But THE TRANSFORMERS - THE MOVIE is not just for children. The Transformers is a concept that also appeals to older children, teenagers and young adults. The film was produced with this audience in mind, and it incorporates all the elements traditionally associated with science-fiction 'cult classics: a gripping fantasy story line, sophisticated animation, unmistakable voice-overs by some of today's biggest stars, and an original rock'n'roll score.

The Transformers phenomenon began in Japan, far from their native homeland of Cybertron. The Transformers quickly became the number one toy concept in the world far outstripping all robot competition and dethroning Cabbage Patch Kids.

Children clamoured to see their favourite Transformers characters brought beyond comics and colouring books. In November 1984, Sunbow Productions brought the animated battle between the Autobots and Decepticons to the television screen in a three-part mini-series, syndicated in over 100 markets nationwide.

The outstanding success of this television drama promoted a second mini-series, "The Transformers - The Ultimate Doom" and in 1985, a daily half hour programme was launched on American T.V.

A natural next step was a full-length theatrical motion picture. At Sunbow Productions, the company that licences the popular toy characters from manufacturer Hasbro, Inc., the challenge loomed. How would they make a film that would be substancially different from the television programmes yet stay faithful to the Transformers personalities and conflicts that have remained so popular?

One important point of transition was the size of the screen and the resulting 'big' animation required to capture the excitement. A long standing association with Marvel Productions, Ltd., a recognised leader in quality animation, insured the film would have the visual qualities necessary to captivate today's sophisticated young audience, and draw an older audience into the theatre as well.

With current economics preventing many animators from supplying the quality animation of past years, Sunbow and Marvel together faced a challenge of producing a film that lived up to their exacting standards.

Painstaking attention to every drawing and plenty of upfront production money were the keys to their success. The animation in THE TRANSFORMERS - THE MOVIE is a state-of-the-art, utilising the newest in computer graphics and other modern techniques. Keeping the intricate details of each scene consistant provided the polish of Disney classics of the past.

The quality of the script is as important to the film's success as its animation. Sunbow developed a script that offered a simple good vs. evil storyline for the younger children to follow. Action on more complex levels was built into it to ensure older children teenagers and parents would also enjoy watching THE TRANSFORMERS - THE MOVIE.

To further add to the adult appeal of the film Sunbow had celebrities provide the voices of the lead characters, led by the late Orson Welles in his last movie role. Other famous voices in THE TRANSFORMERS - THE MOVIE include Eric Idle, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack and Lionel Stander.

A hard driving rock'n'roll score was the element that would polish the film and further distinguish it from its television origin. A soundtrack was developed and recorded that added the right feeling of adventure and excitement to the action.

--VOC editors Daryn Broussard and Sharon "Tut" LaBorde wonder if this was talking about the same film we all saw in the theatres...!

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